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VST A Day – One Free VST Every Single Day! http://vstaday.com Free VST Downloads, Music Production, Software Sun, 20 Sep 2015 01:03:59 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.8 77991222 Audacity – The best free DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) you’ve never heard of http://vstaday.com/audacity-the-best-free-daw-digital-audio-workstation-youve-never-heard-of/ http://vstaday.com/audacity-the-best-free-daw-digital-audio-workstation-youve-never-heard-of/#respond Sun, 15 Mar 2015 16:14:45 +0000 http://vstaday.com/?p=707 Whether on Mac, Linux, or Windows PC; any artist serious about creating sound with computers will at some point want a Digital Audio Workstation. A Digital Audio Workstation puts together a variety of features any musician or sound worker will need, including multi-track mixing, a range of effects, the ability to edit volumes, and the ability to render a mix to a single file. These are just a tiny subset of the features of our favorite free DAW – Audacity. In the next few paragraphs I will go over some of the features of audacity, for those less familiar with the software.

Audacity - Multitrack mixing

Audacity has a “waveform view” section that allows you to manipulate and mix multiple raw waveforms at once.  When creating recorded music, and layered sound effects, it is very important to get the sequencing correct.  Audacity allows you to highlight, cut and paste between multiple audio tracks.  Panning is also available on the right hand side of the display, as well as controls to increase and decrease each tracks volume.  Further, the “Envelope tool” allows you to draw amplitude envelopes over each track, in effect automating volume changes in each.

New distortion Super Angry Distortion by Rancorsoft in Audacity

Audacity contains a variety of slick sound generators useful to musicians, sound designers and foley artists of all types.  They are all contained in the easy to use “Generate” dropdown menu.  The “Chirp” function will generate a single pulse of a Saw, Sine or Sawtooth wave which can rise or fall in frequency.  The DTMF Tones function will allow you to put common telephone dial sounds in to the track – a useful effect in many circumstances.  “Noise” is a straightforward noise generator, “Silence” copies silence over the parts of the track you have selected.  “Tone” is mostly a copy of the “Chirp” function, but slightly simpler in design as it doesn’t allow you to rise or fall the frequency of the sound over time as “Chirp” does.  “Click track” allows you to create a track with pulses timed at a set Beats Per Minute.  This is very useful for syncing your live instruments to a set BPM, or syncing computer generated sounds.  “Pluck” will pluck a certain musical note (user selected) on the General MIDI guitar instrument.  Finally, the “Risset Drum” generator creates a Risset Effect, also known as Shepard’s Tone effect which is very useful in music for transition effects

New distortion Super Angry Distortion by Rancorsoft in Audacity

Audacity has an impressive list of effects.  It even includes its own solutions for effect scripting, and innovative options for plugging in to it.  Developers can choose to contribute in C++, Lisp or Nyquist script language, and the versatility leads to a vast array of options available to the end user.  The Compressor, Phaser and EQ are competent, to say the least.  The Fade In and Fade Out options are very handy and quick to use.  “Paulstretch” will allow you to get a very long, ambient sound out of most any track; occasionally this can be cool if one needs a quick ambience.  Normalize will normalize your track to a peak volume, pretty standard stuff.  Reverse and Phaser are also very musically useful, and can create outlandish extremes, when needed.  Also of note are the competent Noise removal and Reverb effects, both of which I have used extensively in the past.

New distortion Super Angry Distortion by Rancorsoft in Audacity

If the built in effects aren’t enough for you, Audacity also hosts VST plugins!  Shown above is Audacity hosting the excellent Super Angry Distortion by Rancorsoft.  Super Angry Distortion puts a great bitcrush effect (the best bitcrush in our arsenal), and was a joy to use plugged in to Audacity.  Search through our other articles for dozens of other useful VSTs you can use with Audacity!

New distortion Super Angry Distortion by Rancorsoft in Audacity

Often when mixing using a lot of effects, it can be useful to see a Mixer Board.  By clicking View->Mixer board from the menu, you get an easy to use mixer board similar to what one might see when using Ableton DAW, Acid DAW, Apple Logic DAW, or similar Digital Audio Workstations.

OSI Certified Open Source Software

Audacity is OSI Certified Open Source Software!  This means, developers and end users are free to view and edit the source code, contribute their own add-ons and mods, and use the software 100% free in any way they see fit.  Truly a beautiful thing.

One of the coolest features of Audacity is it works as a Portable App. This means you do not need to install it at all – simply download the files, it is ready to use. You can also download the files to a portable drive like a CD or USB disk, and it will work fine on any computer you plug the drive in to! If interested in using audacity in this way, check out the listing on PortableApps.com for more information.

If you are anxious to get your hands on the best daw available for free on windows, mac and linux, head over to the official audacity download site (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/).

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daHornet by DASHSignature, Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Wasp emulator for Windows/Mac! http://vstaday.com/dahornet-by-dashsignature-electronic-dream-plant-edp-wasp-emulator-for-windowsmac/ http://vstaday.com/dahornet-by-dashsignature-electronic-dream-plant-edp-wasp-emulator-for-windowsmac/#respond Tue, 03 Mar 2015 00:21:23 +0000 http://vstaday.com/?p=703 Hornet is effective at generating quite fine comfortable sounds, and is an extremely cool synth,. It’s made according to the digital Dream Plant (EDP) Wasp, which can be a great, although pretty old synth (do not let the looks deceive you!).

Sort of seems like a really cool plug-in. It has possibility for for many uses and creates a buzzsaw sound that is really trendy. It’s a plugin that used to cost money also, so you know it’s some thing to check out it. Again-this may not be a vst you will use in every track, as it will not always fit – but every once a while it provides some new selection and get the imaginative juices going.


Sound generator.
– Speed from 0.1 to 100Hz.
– MIDI sync contour styles, hold & test.
– Filter cut-off and Osc message locations.
– 6 to 1/36 from 32/4. and Osc message locations.
– MIDI sync contour styles, hold & test.
– Filter cut-off and Osc message locations.
– Filter cut-off
Multi-mode “classic” resonant filter with essential subsequent function, gas,BP,Hewlett-Packard Company.
Two package generators, filtration handle and VCA, with REPEAT function (iteration the cover).
Polyphonic (2 to 16) and mono style with float effect that is tunable.
Midi-learn on every button to readily designate any MIDI CC.
MIDI rate sensitivity arm alone for Filter package and VCA.
Learn quantity.
Learn tuning.
Digital keyboard with hide/display option.
128 pre sets factory lender.
Arbitrary pre sets generator.
Preserving default option environment on registry choice.
Any Sample Speed supported (e.g: 44.1, 48, 96).
Help for MMX, SSE and p-4 directions.
Quantity Kind: large, Standard, delicate.
The common Binary version (comprised the 64bit variants) a and enhanced upgrade for Windows (32- and 64bit) are readily available for a minimum suggested $9 contribution on the authors website.

Download Page: http://nusofting.liqihsynth.com/download.html
Download Link (Win32): http://www.dashsignature.com/download/daHornet-full.exe
Download Link (OSX VST): http://www.dashsignature.com/download/daHornet%5b1%5d.dmg.gz
Download Link (OSX AU): http://www.dashsignature.com/download/daHornet%5b1%5d.dmg.gz

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E-MU / Creative Proteus VX Synthesizer http://vstaday.com/e-mu-creative-proteus-vx-synthesizer/ http://vstaday.com/e-mu-creative-proteus-vx-synthesizer/#respond Sun, 01 Mar 2015 22:10:14 +0000 http://vstaday.com/?p=700 This is very significant. What I enjoy about it’s that there are lots of pre sets that are astonishing to try out. It is possible to make your personal sounds, but having a big assortment of pre sets makes the the training process enjoyable and effective as you get good at functioning with Proteus. That i think the greatest critique is that may possibly spend as much time experimenting with it, and most of the pre-sets seem astonishing, you may well not get around to producing any audio. I’ve a down-load hyperlink under this article, and I suggest attempting it.

This is what Creative have to say about this synth, which is really a massive beast of a synth. You can likely create anything you want, just by variating the presets on this thing. The only drawback I can see it that it is only available for Windows – no Mac OS versions to be found.

EMU Announces Proteus download in addition to Comprised v-2 Proteus X Composer Bank! Yes, that’s correct! (a specific EMU modified variant of the musician lender) which can be applied in most editions of software or our X. Proteus VX isn’t copy card or protected closed like additional variants of sample program and our device, and can be utilized both in standalone function or as a VSTi.

Download Page: http://www.creative.com/emu/proteusvx/
Download Link (Win32): http://origin.creative.com/emu/files/ProteusVX.zip

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Synth1 Full Featured Virtual Synthesizer by Toda – Mac OS/Windows, VST/AU http://vstaday.com/synth1-full-featured-virtual-synthesizer-by-toda-mac-oswindows-vstau/ http://vstaday.com/synth1-full-featured-virtual-synthesizer-by-toda-mac-oswindows-vstau/#respond Sat, 28 Feb 2015 17:01:32 +0000 http://vstaday.com/?p=694 Synth1 is one of those software VSTs you just keep hearing about again and again. By Japanese developer “Toda”, I have heard many people compare Synth1 favorably to the premium and also ubiquitous “Sylenth” synth. Although Sylenth costs quite a bit of money, however, Synth1 has always been completely free to download and use in your own productions.

Synth1 is a regular competitor when you hear invaluable vst. It is extremely light, and has lots of complimentary banks making a fantastic number of sounds. There are many professional musicians that have synth1 and love it, and for that reason I propose you try it out.

The free vst’s interface does not give a lot of hint to you about this, but Synth1 is really based on Clavia’s Nord direct 2 hardware, and it stays among the most effective free digital analogue instruments you can lay your palms on.

You’ll find two oscillators and these can be ring leveled and modulated -synced. Other characteristics include unison melody (excellent for supersaw-fashion sounds) an arpeggiator and arpegiatted sounding results. Oh, and despite its sound, which is hot, Synth1 is light on CPU utilization.

Functionally it’s modelled on the Clavia Nord Lead 2 Red Synth.


  • 2 Oscillators sync, modulation envelope.
  • 4 kinds of filters.
  • Legato mode.
  • 128 presets.
  • Completely optimized using etc. SSE directions,
  • Automation.

Download Page: http://www.geocities.jp/daichi1969/softsynth/#down
Download Link (Windows 32bit/64bit): http://www.geocities.jp/daichi1969/softsynth/Synth1V113beta3.zip
Download Link (MacOSX 32bit): http://www.geocities.jp/daichi1969/softsynth/Synth1macau113beta7.zip

http://vstaday.com/synth1-full-featured-virtual-synthesizer-by-toda-mac-oswindows-vstau/feed/ 0 694
Piano One professional Piano VST in 32/64bit, windows, OSX – by Supreme Piano http://vstaday.com/piano-one-professional-piano-vst-in-3264bit-windows-osx-by-supreme-piano/ http://vstaday.com/piano-one-professional-piano-vst-in-3264bit-windows-osx-by-supreme-piano/#comments Fri, 27 Feb 2015 16:31:23 +0000 http://vstaday.com/?p=689 Having a good, real sounding piano is essential to many styles of music, including many electronic / EDM genres, live playing scenarios, jam bands or classical composition. A bad piano recreation can usually be called out very quickly by a discerning listener – giving your track less credibility, and less of a genuine feel.

We would like to share an AMAZING piano that is free. This vst on a regular basis is used by me, in the event the piano is immersed/drowned out in the mix plus it functions great for expert sound. It may likely whack another common piano vst from the water/mix, and should.

This is what Supreme Piano have to say about their synth:

“Ok. It is admitted by us. We are giving this unbelievable violin a way in hopes of getting you thinking about our other goods of enticing you in. Yes, astonishing as it might seem, we really might as if one to BUY some thing from us so we are able to keep the digital doors open and continue creating services that are great like our additional awesome pianos like below.”

Supreme Piano also offer 6 “Premium” Piano models, including many that are Grand, and some that are also quite vintage. Here is a list: Imperial Grand, Blue Grand, Ruby Grand, Fazioli Rose, Vintage Upright and Thor models are all available – for a small price. The “Piano One” plugin, however, is of course free – see download links below!


  • Business – Greatest Neo piano cross Modeling Engine
  • Yamaha c 7 Sound

Download Page (OSX, Win32, 32 and 64bit): http://www.kvraudio.com/product/piano-one-by-sound-magic/downloads

http://vstaday.com/piano-one-professional-piano-vst-in-3264bit-windows-osx-by-supreme-piano/feed/ 2 689
Crystal by Green Oak – Full featured synth VST for Windows and Mac http://vstaday.com/crystal-by-green-oak-full-featured-synth-vst-for-windows-and-mac/ http://vstaday.com/crystal-by-green-oak-full-featured-synth-vst-for-windows-and-mac/#respond Thu, 26 Feb 2015 21:58:48 +0000 http://vstaday.com/?p=686 Crystal by Green oak is a partial-modular synth and frequency modulation (FM) synthesis.

Crystal is an enormous synth using many possibilities that are sound. In the event that you are waiting to add yet another complete featured synth that is FREE to your own collection, do not wait – download.

Here are some more top features of this gem of a synth:

20 Megabyte test ROM – now you can download and install of 20mb of devices for Crystal, therefore creating a very full rompler.

Trend shaper – Every voice’s filtration portion of today has a Shaper control ahead of the filtration used, which imposes a trend forming function that is gentle to the voice.

Trend Sequencing – Crystal 2.0 has 8-period trend sequencing, which means that it is possible to alter the wave form to be utilized for an oscillator among 8 different pre-described waveforms.

Matrix – Crystal functions a comprehensive modulation matrix, employed for indepth development of modulation results.

Band modulation – Each synth voice that is inner may possibly finally have band modulation used. To start band modulation, push the “band/FM” option in the oscillator section of a words site (the option may reveal “band”).

Spot move – Lead Crystal 2.4 provides the capability to to create sections to a .fxb document from within gem. Documents that are saved in your folder are worked on by this export attribute

Spot reproduction – Area reproduction lets you make fresh areas that are mixtures of sections that are existing.

Software morph – A modulation goal is: Notice the “change” pre-set as a good example. Choose “change” and transfer your mod wheel along while holding a note. This system may transform between the “transform supply 1” and “transform supply 2” applications. Variables which could change continuously (essentially all the variables in the modulation goal menu) may change while a note is held down by you. Additional variables, oscillator kind or for instance modulator options, may change when you perform with the note that is next. Really cool stuff!

Download Page: http://www.greenoak.com/crystal/dnld.html
Download Link (Windows): http://www.greenoak.com/crystal/dl/Crystal.zip
Download Link (OSX): http://www.greenoak.com/crystal/dl/Crystal.dmg

http://vstaday.com/crystal-by-green-oak-full-featured-synth-vst-for-windows-and-mac/feed/ 0 686
Delay Lama Vocal Formant / Singing Monk VST by AudioNerdz http://vstaday.com/delay-lama-vocal-formant-singing-monk-vst-by-audionerdz/ http://vstaday.com/delay-lama-vocal-formant-singing-monk-vst-by-audionerdz/#respond Wed, 25 Feb 2015 21:44:05 +0000 http://vstaday.com/?p=683 Delay Lama VST is somewhat a classic. It was first released in 2002 by AudioNerdz, and has popped up in quite a lot of produced music since then. You may recognize the sound quite quickly, after loading the software for the first time.

Delay Lama is available as both a Windows and Mac OSX VST. If you have an issue on your machine, because of a platform or operating system incompatibility – please let us know in the comments section below.

Because the effect has existed and been amply used for quite some time, it would be a good idea to effect the output significantly. You can use the built in tuning effects, or chain it to a distortion, like the competent Super Angry Distortion by Rancorsoft, which we prefer. A chorus, reverb, filter array, gate or other effect may also be prudent – check our other posts for ideas!

The built in Stereo Delay can absolutely craft some unique and interesting effects, if you prefer to stay more “in the box”. Definitely give it a try; it may turn out that all you need is right there already waiting for you. In any case, we recommend giving this software a download, and playing with it until you find something that strikes your own personal fancy.

Delay Lama – a Quick Introduction

The first VST’s innovative monophonic vocal synthesis engine enables your pc to sound the same as an Eastern monk, with realtime, high resolution control on the vowel sound. What is more, the plugin window shows a 3D animation of a singing monk, that responds to your own stimulation!

Delay Lama look just like a singing Tibetan monk and makes your computer sound. Delay Lama is the primary software synthesizer that features a real time 3D animated interface and both vocal synthesis, which responds to musical gestures in the user. For an additional effect that is mystical, Delay Lama has a stereo delay that is straightforward, but very useful.

Download Page: http://www.audionerdz.nl/download.htm
Download Link (OSX): http://www.audionerdz.nl/cgi-bin/harrie.cgi?name=dl03
Download Link (Win32): http://www.audionerdz.nl/cgi-bin/harrie.cgi?name=dl02

http://vstaday.com/delay-lama-vocal-formant-singing-monk-vst-by-audionerdz/feed/ 0 683
Clipmax Brick Wall Limiter/Clipper for Windows and OSX http://vstaday.com/clipmax-brick-wall-limiterclipper-for-windows-and-osx/ http://vstaday.com/clipmax-brick-wall-limiterclipper-for-windows-and-osx/#respond Tue, 24 Feb 2015 21:16:20 +0000 http://vstaday.com/?p=678 Clipmax is a brick wall limiter/clipper device. Very decent and transparent, useful for mixing of any sort. If you are looking for a simple brick wall limiter to add to your kit, this one is worth a look.

Limiting is a form of Dynamic Range Compression, also informally known as just “compression”. Compression is popular in sound recording and broadcasting and duplication as well as on device amps.

An expander works the function that is opposite, raising the dynamic-range of the sound signal. Expanders are often employed to lower the amount of an audio signal that drops below a set limit stage; quiet sounds becoming even more quiet. A sound gate (or simply “gate” or “gater”) is a kind of expander.

While sounds that are quiet stay untouched; down compression reduces loud sounds above a specific limit. Both up and down compression decrease the dynamic-range of an audio transmission. Minimizing dynamic range allows easy boosting of the overall signal, to boost overall loudness; if desired.

This is what Chokehold (http://chokehold.net) has to say about the device:

“Clipmax is a tough / brick wall clipper.

Utilize pre-gain to acquire the sign before the roof is hit by it, or to increase appropriate in to it.

Establish something that will top above a ceiling value to be stop by it. The more the small light emitting diode to the roof button flickers’ right, the more cutting is occurring.

Use the the amount to be adjusted by Post Increase following car makeup increase and the cutting point. Be cautious how much you raise this…

Automatic makeup increase computation activates. It doesn’t only raise every thing to the maximum, it strives to keep a reasonably normal quantity level comparable to the resource that is unclipped.”

Download Page: http://free.chokehold.net/clipmax/
Download Link (Win32): http://free.chokehold.net/clipmax/download/Clipmax.v122.Win.zip
Download Link (Mac OSX): http://free.chokehold.net/clipmax/download/Clipmax.v122.OSX.dmg

http://vstaday.com/clipmax-brick-wall-limiterclipper-for-windows-and-osx/feed/ 0 678
JScope Oscilloscope Waveform Analyzer VST http://vstaday.com/jscope-oscilloscope-waveform-analyzer-vst/ http://vstaday.com/jscope-oscilloscope-waveform-analyzer-vst/#respond Mon, 23 Feb 2015 21:15:33 +0000 http://vstaday.com/?p=675 Jscope VST is an oscilloscope VST designed to allow you to quickly analyze the behavior of an effect or synthesizer. With multiple instances of Jscope, you can easily see the influence a given effect has on a waveform. Simply place an instance of Jscope before the effect plugin, and then another instance of Jscope after the effect.

This is what the developer (Jaggedplanet) has to say about the o-scope plugin:

“Using the Oscilloscope
I discovered I wanted an oscilloscope whose behavior I comprehended whilst creating a VST plug-in. The synth plug-in is unready to be launched, However, I think the oscilloscope might be helpful to some one.
I have attempted to allow it to be pretty just like an actual oscilloscope, even though the very fact the wave form is given to it in explosions which do not always synchronise with the pc display refresh or by means of the oscilloscope’s sweep speed makes it difficult to correctly design a real screen.
Will show a stereo signal in a few settings, and takes it:
Two different hints, R and L
Solitary trace, total of R and L
Solitary touch, distinction between R and L
X/Y (Lissajous) storyline, L compared to R
X/Y (Lissajous) storyline, Total(l-r) versus Diff(l r)
Additional characteristics of JScope:

Fresh in V1.1
One Shot cause function with optional pre- or post-delay
Linear, polar and logarithmic graticules
Cursor dimension of amount, period, regularity, note
Obtain (Y) from
DC or AC
Variable X-offset of hint(s)
Y- offsets outlines separately flexible
Flexible trigger amount, on gradients that are negative or positive
Activating that is postponed
Screen ‘halt’ choice
Phosphor persistence that is flexible
Elective graticule with brightness that is changeable
8 pre-programmed styles for rapid set up

This plugin is especially useful for those of us who make complex chains of effects, or perhaps program our own effects and VST. An oscilloscope plugin can help analyze the effect of any change the the routing of effects, or algorithm.

Download Page: http://jaggedplanet.com/vst/jscope.html

http://vstaday.com/jscope-oscilloscope-waveform-analyzer-vst/feed/ 0 675
de la Mancha FMMF – Four Operator FM subtractive synth http://vstaday.com/de-la-mancha-fmmf-four-operator-fm-subtractive-synth/ http://vstaday.com/de-la-mancha-fmmf-four-operator-fm-subtractive-synth/#respond Mon, 22 Dec 2014 09:15:59 +0000 http://vstaday.com/?p=669 Today we feature a pretty impressive subtractive synth by de la Mancha. FMMF has four separate subtractive modulation “Operators”, which can be used to carve out super gritty, dark and complex sounds – as well as simple tones if you prefer. Each operator has 17 different FM algorithms to try, 11 separate waveforms, and a Note Sync option. The operators can be customized using multi-stage envelopes and LFOs. One of the killer features of the synth is the ability to click and drag the envelopes, instead of moving knobs. This often feels more intuitive, and direct, when compared to The alternative.

Octave and Semitone controls are available for each of the operators, for detuning or octave doubling effects. The envelopes can also be BPM synced individually, including those used for the LFOs. Really, this synth must be seen to be believed, as the amount of combinations possible is quite staggering. Portamento, gate, and harmonic controls sweeten the deal, and give you unique abilities for rhythmic and harmonic edits.

Even more rhythmically powerful is the included arpeggiator. Although it is possible to use a separate midi arpeggiator before the instrument, having it right on the synth interface is a nice convenience. Even more convenient is the built in distortion, which includes 18 different distortion options, and built in delay module. The delay module has size, feedback, and damping controls, and impressively can be modulated either by an envelope, or using the LFO. For those who prefer to use presets, there are 64 included by fairly known sound designer Brian Botkiller.

With 1 to 16 note polyphony, this synth can be used for the thinnest of the thin sounds to the thickest of the thick. From ghostly chimes and bells to giant pads with harmonics upon harmonics, it can be achieved with this synth. If you don’t have any giant beast subtractive synths in your arsenal – this would be a good one to pick up.

As always, let us know in the comments below what you think, and feel free to post your own sounds and tracks!

de la Mancha FMMF Download Link (Windows VST): https://www.dropbox.com/s/lq2851hcj9c08q8/FMMF.zip
de la Mancha FMMF Download Page: https://delamanchavst.wordpress.com/2013/10/18/fmmf/

http://vstaday.com/de-la-mancha-fmmf-four-operator-fm-subtractive-synth/feed/ 0 669